Name of the book: Veterinary Vignettes


Author: Dr Noel S Nadesan

Publisher: Sudarsan Books & Crafts, Tamil Nadu, India; Year 2020

Also published as Amazon Kindle Book (eBook)

The author is a professional Vet with a literary mind! A unique combination that opens a window on myriad facts related to pets, aptly interwoven in short stories. He has worked as a veterinary physician in Sri Lanka, India, and Australia which has given him a unique insight into varied social and cultural backgrounds, and they are often manifested in his stories. It may not be an exaggeration to say that science and art come together in his writings in a complementary manner.

Dr Nadesan has recounted his personal experiences with sick pets and his interaction with many of the concerned pet owners – both male and female. In this way he not only treated the pets but educated their owners as well. Those interactive conversations/stories give an added relevance to the book. Besides working Vets, pet lovers and animal right advocates will find the contents very appealing and engaging.

Kaushal K Srivastava

Retired Professor of Physics

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