Tiger sans leg

Both Mr. and Mrs Smith are with the police department of Victoria and they owned a much pampered cat named tiger on one morning; a dog from next door entered their house on the sly and attacked tiger. In the end, Tiger was bitten and brushed.

The owner of the dog, Linda, the neighbour, is a single parent trying hard to look after her children. It’s known fact that as a single parent, women are looked down upon in the social perspective and Linda is not an exception. Having her pet cat bitten by Linda’s dog, going with the generalised notion, Mrs. Smith cursed Linda.

Mrs. Smith placed the poor brushed cat on the examining table and I prepared myself to examine the poor creature with carefully not causing further pain by pushing and prodding.

On tiger’s right hind leg I found a couple of palpable fractures. I could also diagnose the tiger has lost the sensing capability to a certain extent on its back and heels .I could reckon that through surgery the fractures could be set right ,but to get the surgery done, nerves connected to the affected leg should be functioning otherwise the surgery is pointless.

I placed my conclusion on Tiger’s condition after radiology with Mrs. Smith. She was visibly distressed, but permitted me to perform whatever best for saving the wounded leg. Also, she confirmed that the cost of the surgery was not a concern. I reiterated that though leg could be repaired through the surgery, if the nerves do not function properly, then prognosis might not be valid and also that Tiger might not get its leg to function normally. The result could be the amputation of the leg itself.

In an outburst, she proclaimed that she would lodge a complaint against Linda and also she would report to the local council on the issue. By Law, Linda, the neighbour was liable to bear the medical expenditure and if failed to do so I counselled that Mrs. Smith could lodge the complaint.

Mrs. Smith, Hoping that I would do my best, left Tiger under my care. As decided earlier, an operation was performed subsequently, fractures attended to successfully. Then Tiger should be kept in Isolation for complete rest. I explained to Mrs Smith that the fate of the surgery would be known only after a couple of weeks

Mrs. Smith returned with Tiger after two weeks. Tiger was dragging its Right hind leg while walking. We both saw it in that condition with saddened heart. We decided to give some more resting period to check whether there would be any improvement

Even after a month of the dog bite, Tiger did not show any improvement at all. I candidly explained that next course of action to Mrs Smith. She cursed Linda again. I cautioned her mentioning about the fact that Linda bore the expenses on the previous occasion and advised her to tread cautiously if approached Linda again

With the permission of Mrs. Smith the injured leg of the Tiger was amputated, though it saddened me to remove a leg of a four- legged animal, the nature of my profession was such that I had to set aside my emotions and performed the surgery

Tiger returned home happily though without a leg .Later I told that tiger was running around the house with vigour with and even ventured to the rooftop to play. The cat, though with physical disability lived a happy life with the Smiths

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