Acceptance Speech For the Book Launch-Melbourne


Hon Liz Beattie, MP, Victoria
Hon Jude Perera MP Victoria
Consul general Puspakumara

Dear Friends.
A warm welcome to you all. Thank you for coming along today as I share and launch my books

We are here today not only for the purpose to discuss my novels, but gather as friends from many communities.

I’m often asked where my passion for writing came from? And why I chose to write novels?

As a veterinarian by profession, and running a small business for the last 20 years working 6 days a week, Writing has become an escape. It can take me away, from where I am

I wrote my two books because of my deep concern of political and social struggle happening the last few decades Sri Lanka that affected individuals in all communities .I always believed that the only way was forward to settle through peaceful engagement and reconciliation between communities. Though I was well settled in Australia many people suffered in silence for a long time.

I enjoyed writing for a news paper that with friends, I organised and published for 12 years. I wrote many articles but their life span was just days or weeks, I found literary work continues on, more than my life time.

As a migrant from Sri Lanka, I found we have many experiences and stories to be shared among us and other communities. I began writing books on my experiences and reflections as a veterinarian for last thirty four years in Sri Lanka, India and Australia. My two novels touched on Sri lank a but the last one, based on the veterinary hospital I worked in for six years. Though fiction but underscoring my struggle and hardships to be a veterinarian back in Australia. I noted my negative experiences also the many positive experiences that I gained from this great country. Australia blessed on me and family.
I ask my follow migrant who have many stories in their life, unless we write, they will be burned or buried with us depend which religion you belongs.

Before finishing, No offense to my wife and partner for 43 years , the Great Russian author Anton Chekhov said one ‘’I have legally married wife and also have concubine and spending more time with concubine – He was referring to his medical profession as legally and writing drama as his concubine.

This month I also have become a part time veterinarian and I’m very much looking forward to having more time to spend writing and sharing many more stories with you all.

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