Comment on ”the wind of change in Jaffna”

Dear Nadesan, 1.There is no chance for a change of mind, in the thinking pattern of the Jaffna tamil man.

2.Do you believe that you or any one can change the thinking of the SriLankan Tamil man ,particularly the
Jaffna man. Whether they are the high cast or low cast but both of them are in the same board.

They are the same people who has defeated ,from Handy Perinpananayagam to Karthikesan master?

3.It is not the fault of the Mafia and fascist Tamil Tigers or LTTE ,it is the fault of the Saiva,Vellala and
the reactionary Tamil(Jaffna) ruling class who has created the same mafia for their purpose .

com. Thavapalan

Thanks ,Thavapalan I agree It is very difficult for the jaffna man to change but when economic system change , he will change too. I believe human relationship and his engagement with other men ,nature depend on economy and like it or not jaffna now connected to larger lankan economy more than before but take more time.this is why TNA and supporters are not appreciative of changes they know these changes shift their bases.
thanks again-Nadesan

“Comment on ”the wind of change in Jaffna”” மீது ஒரு மறுமொழி

  1. Dear Mr Nadesan,
    I appreciate your memo and the subsequent comment. I too agree that it is an extremely difficult thing to change the thinking of the Jaffna man. I personally know Prof Thurairajah, Mr A Naderasah and some other men from Jaffna. They are honorable men from Jaffna but my gut feeling is that when it comes to the final push they would have got on to the side of Eelam . There are hardly any black and white people available although above two will come very close to Gandhi thinking. In the Southern side too people have changed; I don’t know if it is right to say that they have become more selfish but see the ‘Ate Kota -in that state …I can’t remember the name off the cuff- syndrome’. I suppose these so called ‘gentlemanly politicians’? consciously allow the system to continue because it benefits them. So it is a difficult thing to change but yet we are not free to give up. That saying is apt here. “Ours is not to complete the task; yet neither are we free to neglect it” . Somebody who had the courage and did not give up was Lakshman Kadiragamar although he had to pay the supreme price. Best regards, Konara Wanigasekara

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