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Nadesan has hit the nail on its head with this observation: “During the last days of war, knowing the inevitable military defeat, the LTTE took cover behind 400, 000 Tamil civilians hoping to raise an international cry. Taking cover behind unarmed civilians is a shameful act not worthy of our so-called heroes. It was a cowardly act.” Prabaharan had never been a hero. Unlike Karuna, he had never been known to have led the LTTE fighters from the front. He could have surrendered and saved the Tamils he was holding as hostages. He didn’t and met with his fate taking with him most of those unfortunate Tamils he was holding as hostages. When he was surrounded by the SL forces in Vanni during April-May 2009, Indian government had sent several messages asking him and his outfit to agree to surrender. When I met the then Indian National Security Advisor MK Narayanan on 13 April 2009 in his New Delhi Office along with a leader of a Tamil group and pleaded with him for India’s intervention to save the Tamils facing certain annihilation, he told us that he had sent this message through known LTTE channels but LTTE had not responded. He said even a ‘token’ surrender of arms would suffice. He told us that the writing was on the wall for the LTTE from the time of Karuna’s defection. Narayanan asked us too to pass the message to the LTTE leadership. On my return to Sydney, I personally passed this message to a former LTTE cadre based in Sydney who in turn conveyed the message on to Ratnam Master (an LTTE intelligence leader known to be close to Pottu Amman and Prabaharan). There was no response I later learnt that Prabaharan did indeed consider surrendering and asked Vaiko and Nedumaran for their opinion. These two rascals Vaiko and Nedumaran had reportedly told Prabaharan that this was a ploy by the Indian Government to get Congress to win in Tamil Nadu at the impending Lok Sabha elections and had asked him not to agree to the Indian government’s proposal. They have reportedly asked him to hold on until the Lok Sabha results are known because they were sure that Jayalalitha would win and would become the King maker in a hung parliament. Apparently this idiot Prabakaran swallowed this stupid and self-centred advice from Vaiko and Nedumaran and met his fate at Nandikadal. Yes, Nadesan is again right in calling for a new Tamil leadership. But, I am afraid this would not happen. The eventual fate of the Tamils, as predicted by the former Central Bank governor, will be that they will be reduced to a manageable minority. Pro-LTTE Tamil Diaspora elements will continue to make noises for some more years from their comfort in the western capitals and carry on with their annual “kavadi” to Geneva human rights parleys. If and when the Sri Lankan government agrees to become a client state of the US, the SL Tamil issue will be removed from the agenda of the UN Human Rights Council.

Name withheld for reason

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  1. Noel, Weldone ! I heard that you were in Sri Lanka. I was in India for one month.

    Dr.Kuruppu I

    1. Dear Mr Kuruppu
      I was in SL for short say during December with my family.
      I wish I could stay longer soon
      Kind regards

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