Victorian Hindu Society

To my fellow members,

The three articles below regarding the Hindu Society of Victoria have come to my attention. They describe the current crisis of the Management Committee and Trustees of the Cultural Centre who accusing each other of mishandling Cultural Centre Canteen funds and an over-blown budget of building costs, as well as other misconducts which have been published in the South Asian Times. It has now also been published in the Herald Sun, creating more negative impact and publicity for all Hindus of Victoria. This current crisis is a shame to all well-wishers and long standing members of HSV. What is next, national television?

There are also further allegations about a few members practicing manipulation, power brokering , criminal intent, and intimidation of vulnerable committee members and staff, that have not yet gone public .

This is the time we all should unite and sort this problem at the earliest opportunity. Already our younger generation are laughing at our stupidity and egos, fighting in every temple. This is the time we should clean up the mess and handover the society to the younger generation of Hindus. I believe before this all gets blown out of proportion, that the two committees should sit down with independent mediators to sort out the problem immediately. As fellow members, I ask you to share your opinion on how the problem can be resolved.

Let all unite and God bless all.



“Victorian Hindu Society” மீது ஒரு மறுமொழி

  1. Siva
    What is happening with 1000 members of the society? We were told cultural centre building project was mismanaged by few individuals with correption and nepotism. One million dollars of tax payers’ money also spent in there. We are all looking for clean answer for these allegations.

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