The Man Who Destroyed Eelam

This the best analysis about out ‘thayaivar’ written foreign journalistVelupillai Prabakaran

Prabakaran’s ambition to sever the island in two has been the only constant in his life. Sustaining that for 30 years required a continuous evolution and a firm hand. The practices he adopted were based on selectively chosen models appropriated from a range of religious and political traditions and rituals for a variety of political and publicity goals. The flavor of the 1980s, for him, was Marxist rhetoric. When his oft-repeated desire for a single party socialist government in his imagined Eelam drew gasps of horror, the Lenin portrait in his den was summarily removed and Marx was forsaken in all conversation. He then abandoned ideology to aggressively build the cult around his persona. An adoring media lent as zealous a hand as his followers to help build his cult to mythical proportions — tales of his marksmanship, valour and genius became commonplace. Soon, taking an oath in his name by his cadres, celebrating his birthday, and displaying his portrait everywhere became mandatory. Adele introduced the concept of feminism to recruit girls. In her words, “Nowhere in the world has male chauvinism been eradicated and it certainly has not disappeared from the Tamil society. However the male cadres show a great deal of respect, appreciation and pride in the women combatants’ achievements.” From Hinduism, he borrowed the practice of deifying his martyrs and erecting shrines where people were expected to make offerings and pray on a day designated as holy. Western military traditions provided him a model to build his army while Hollywood, apart from inspiring movies of bravery and heroism, taught him to produce slickly produced audio-visual presentations for profit and for goodwill.
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“The Man Who Destroyed Eelam” மீது ஒரு மறுமொழி

  1. Northern Province Election will be held in between September and November 2013. Why not we register SWRAJYA Movement as a Political Party. Then those who reject or Ignored LTTE can come forward under this banner for Democratic Political activities.

    LTTE Media Spokesman Daya Master is contesting Under the Veththilai (Beeetle) Symbol. on behalf of the UPFA.

    Nominate somebody (Educated Independent ) person or persons to negotiated on them. EX MP can forward an application for registration a political party.Think of some person who can maintain a cordial relationship with other communities in a friendly manner.


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