Letter to Human Right Law centre,Australia

The Convenors
Human Rights Law Center,

Dear Organizers,

The Human Rights Law Center has invited participants to a discussion about accountability for war crimes and the current human rights situation in Sri Lanka to be held on 7th and 8th March 2013 in Melbourne and Sydney, Australia. The panelists featured for this discussion are Frances Harrison, Dr. Sam Pari, Gordon Weiss and Bruce Haigh.

My question is exactly how does the Human Rights Law Center founded on the principles of “Freedom. Respect. Equality. Dignity. Action” propose to have a “discussion” when the 4 panelists who have been invited by the HRLC are openly critical of Sri Lanka and are open LTTE-sympathizers. To what extent is there fairplay? Nevertheless, whatever allegations that the 4 panelists will take pains to promote they cannot erase the fact that Sri Lanka is a democratic and sovereign nation, its military effort was against a terrorist organization banned in 32 countries and no amount of “allegations” without proof can diminish the fact that the Sri Lankan armed forces saved approximately 295,000 Tamil civilians from the LTTE sacrificing 5000 lives of soldiers and all these civilians are now resettled whilst 11770 LTTE combatants who gave themselves up are now rehabilitated and reintegrated except for a handful still undergoing rehabilitation whilst the State has pardoned all child combatants number over 500.

The Human Rights Law Center may not have done background searches on the 4 panelists:

Bruce Haigh – has been serially writing against the Government of Sri Lanka. He claims LTTE is not a terrorist organization. Haigh is the patron of the Center for Peace and Conflict Studies in which his colleagues (Brahmi Jegan and Dr. Sami Pari) are proved supporters of LTTE. Haigh was serving in Sri Lanka as Deputy High Commissioner for Australia in Sri Lanka in 1994 and would have seen LTTE kill over 50 people including Presidential Candidate and Opposition Leader Gamini Dissanayake. It was in 1993 that LTTE killed Sri Lanka’s President, while in 1991 LTTE killed Rajiv Gandhi India’s former Prime Minister. He is well aware that it was only after many peace talks, negotiations and cease fires that the military option was pursued in 2006 after Sri Lanka suffered LTTE terrorism since 1983.

Frances Harrison – is a former BBC correspondent and the author of “Still Counting the Dead”. She left Sri Lanka in 2004 and bases her allegations on 10 persons living in UK with links to LTTE (one of whom is Murugan, a LTTE sea tiger who fled to France). Her civilian death estimates are far-fetched given there are only 2.4million Tamils in Sri Lanka of which 1million now reside overseas. If anyone pays enough attention one can see how Frances Harrison gets kudos from pro-LTTE Tamil diaspora groups attempting to revive the LTTE from their overseas centres.

Dr. Sam Pari –the colleague of Bruce Haigh, Dr. Sam Pari needs to be highlighted given that she is a proven LTTE cadre (her identity card is attached) http://www.defence.lk/new.asp?fname=20111103_03 / http://myapologetics.wordpress.com/2011/11/04/the-dr-sam-pari-scandal-gets-worse-alias-sampavi-alias-sham/
Dr. Sam is none other than Dr. Parimala Nathan Sampavi alias Sham is the main fund collector of the Australian based LTTE rump group Tamil Youth Organization (TYO). The link gives details of the form signed by Dr. Sam giving consent to work for the LTTE terrorists and agreeing to raise funds to this terrorist outfit through the Tamil Youth Organization. She is currently National Spokesperson for Australian Tamil Congress – we ask what type of balanced discussion Dr. Sam proposes to provide!

Gordon Weiss – was the UN Spokesman in Sri Lanka and placed the civilian deaths at approximately 7000 and that figure was soon expanded to 40,000 to release his book The Cage. At his book launch in 2011 he changed the figure to 10,000 when questioned about the 40,000 figure in the brochure. Weiss disowned responsibility and passed the blame to Deakin University which produced the brochure. This denial of the 40,000 at the launch in Australia clearly exposes the inflated figures of civilian deaths being used against Sri Lanka.

The Human Rights Law Center can go ahead with the discussion but its organizers and Board of Directors need to know that they have become gullible to the smear campaigns used by these pro-LTTE groups to tarnish a democratic Government and its Armed Forces because thirty years of terrorism in Sri Lanka provided a very lucrative means of raising funds involving a plethora of illegal activities that have made a lot of people rich and can continue so long as these groups can keep alive the possibility of resurrecting the LTTE in Sri Lanka – therefore there is likely to be no end to the propaganda unless international organizations refuse to be party to such activity.

We hope the Human Rights Law Center will learn from this present event.

Shenali Waduge
Sri Lanka

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1 Response to Letter to Human Right Law centre,Australia

  1. Romesh Senewiratne சொல்கிறார்:

    I couldn’t agree more with the writer. The LTTE rump remains a threat to Sri Lanka and the world at large. Its propaganda machine remains active, with the willing help of the BBC and Channel 4 in particular. One point that is generally missed is the role of various Australian universities and the Australian Labor Party, in particular, for its support of the LTTE during the war and since then. it is no coincidence that the woman who oversaw the distribution of cyanide to the young Tamil women and girls was Adele Wilby, an Australian nurse who married the political head and strategist (his own claim) of the Tamil Tigers, Anton Balasingham in London in 1979 (and remains there to this day). There is YouTube footage of her handing out cyanide capsules to these girls, who referred to her as “aunty”. She and Anton Balasingham ran the Tamil Tigers from London – with other organizers of the LTTE mass-murder and genocide based in the USA, Canada and Australia. Adele Balasingham is yet to be arrested and prosecuted for her crimes against the people of Sri Lanka, including the Tamil children and youths who were induced to commit suicide as a “military strategy”.

    In addition, I have evidence that my own parents, Brian and Kamalini Senewiratne were involved in preparatory groundwork for this war which began in 1974 (two years before the LTTE was armed and trained, along with other “rebel groups” in several states in south India, beginning in 1976). This included using irrigation maps owned by my grandfather, Winslow Alagaratnam (who was director of Irrigation in the 1940s and 50s) to prepare detailed maps of the area, and to measure the fluoride content of drinking water in the areas that were to become the theatre of war as well as the water supply (including irrigation tanks) and roads. I was personally involved in collecting water samples as well as zoological specimens. I have my mother’s notebooks in my possession and will provide them to the relevant authorities (some have already been provided).

    This research was funded by the British-based Nuffield Foundation and Wellcome Trust, which also sponsored my father’s biological warfare research in the Kandy Hospital. The biological and chemical warfare research was conducted at a purpose-built laboratory adjacent to his ward in the Kandy General Hospital and I am familiar with the nature of the research that was done there. The funding for this research was organized by Lord Max Rosenheim who visited our home around 1970. Recently I have read an article by this man based on a lecture he have in 1963, in which he was promoting unnecessary and abusive removal of the kidneys of girls as young as 7 for chronic infection of the kidneys (pyelonephritis). Rosenheim, who was an expert at CAUSING kidney failure, was my father’s mentor and trainer. It was he who arranged for the grant that enabled my father to do unethical and illegal research in Sri Lanka between 1968 and 1976, including research on malaria, typhoid, cholera, hookworm, anaemia, urinary infections, betel chewing and rabies. Of course, at the time I did not understand the real purpose of this research (and neither, I think, did my mother).

    Since then, armed with a medical degree of my own, and a desire to research and stop covert biological warfare (alone, if necessary) I have discovered that the governments of the USA and its Allies (including Australia, Belgium and the UK) used all these agents to create disease in tropical areas, in an effort to “reduce the threat of overpopulation”. This became a central plank of US foreign policy under the Nixon administration and the strategy promoted by Henry Kissinger to open “limited theaters of conflict” during the Cold War. It was believed that biological, chemical and psychological weapons were better than conventional weapons since they killed people while leaving the infrastructure intact. The celebrated Australian scientist Sir Frank MacFarlane Burnet was a known proponent of this strategy back in the 1950s. Burnet was an expert in causing collapse of the immune system.

    For more information on this, please visit my YouTube and Scribd sites. And thanks for posting this piece, Noel.

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