A Tamil asylum seeker scheduled who faced deportation to Sri Lanka
today (Wednesday) has attempted suicide in the early hours of this

It is understood that ambulances were called to the Maribynong
Detention Centre in Melbourne and that the man has been transported to
the Royal Melbourne Hospital.

The 42 year old Tamil man, who has family still in Sri Lanka, was
scheduled to be removed from Australia this afternoon at 3pm after
last minute legal action in the Federal Magistrates Court in Sydney to
obtain an injunction to stop his removal from Australia yesterday
failed yesterday afternoon.

The man has spent two and half years in detention years in detention
in Scherger detention centre and the last few months living in the
community in Melbourne on a bridging visa. He was re-detained last
Thursday (25 October) when his bridging visa expired and told he was
to be deported to Sri Lanka.

“We are extremely concerned about the fate of this asylum seeker,”
said Ian Rintoul, spokesperson for the Refugee Action Coalition. “Sri
Lanka remains a dangerous place for anyone deemed to be an opponent of
the Rajapaksa regime. The use of torture is systemic.

“In recent months the British High Court has intervened to stop the
deportation of Tamil asylum seekers from Britain to Sri Lanka because
of the threat of torture they faced.

“The attempted suicide overnight is a reminder of the life and death
situation that Tamil asylum seekers face. We are calling on the
Minister to urgently intervene to stop the deportation. Tamil asylum
seekers being returned to Sri Lanka are being deported to danger.”

This will be the second forced removal since August this year, when
the Australian government deported another Tamil asylum seeker, Dayan

For more information contact, Ian Rinoul 0417 275 713. For comment
from the vigil at Maribynong contact Arun 0404 431 913

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Commentator and analyst of current affairs.
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