Tamil Traitors Muralitharan and Noel Nadesan

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The biggest problem that the Tamils face is NOT Rajapaksa and his cronies but the Tamils – fellows like Noel Nadesan and their ilk.
These is another Tamil, Rajasingham or some such name, who owns and writes in the Asian Tribune – a mouthpiece of the Rajapaksa junta. A piece he has written about me that I am funded by the LTTE etc is just frank defamation. I think he has now taken that off the net but I have a copy of it and will sue the gentleman for defamation as soon as I can find some money to do so.
There is (or rather ,was) another splendid Tamil – a fellow called Lakshman Kadirgamar, Foreign Minister. When my cousin, Chandrika Bandaranike Kumaratunga was President, she sent a mass murderer, General Janaka Perera as the Sri Lankan Ambassador to Australia. I got Australian TV Channel 9, a fine fellow called Ross Coultahard, to put together a program on this wretch and d air it on Channel 9’s premier event “Sunday”. I appeared on the program, so did a person from AI, the Australian Forensic specialist who went to Jaffna for the exhumation of the Chemmani massacre graves (for which massacre Janaka Perera was responsible), and a victim who testified that he say His Excellency janaka Perera crush a Tamil boys head with his boots.
I sent a fax to Chandrika (she had given me her private fax number) telling her “My dear Chandrika, please don’t send this man. What message are you sending the Tamil people in Australia by sending this mass murderer here?”
I flew to Canberra and saw Alexander Downer(the then Foreign Minister) with a string of crimes for which Janaka Perera was responsible. He was not there but I saw one of his political hangers on. I had an immediate note that the Australian govt was ‘putting on hold’ the acceptance of janaka Perera as High Commissioner. A few days later I had another letter that the Australian Foreign Minister had been assured by his counterpart in Sri Lanka that “general Janaka Perera was the most highly decorated officer in the Sri Lankan Army” and who gave him that assurance? A good old patriotic Tamil – Lakshman Kadirgamar.
I responded “yes, Perera is the most decorated officer, decotated for murdering Tamils on mass (welioya (renamed Janakapura- town of Janaka), Chemmani, and many other places. He was the one who made 900 Tamil civilians in his custody ‘disappear’ , their bodies found in mass graves in Chemmani.
Just for the sake of completeness, may I draw your attention to the fact that His Excellency President Rajapaksa, has just (last week) sent another mass murderer as the new Sri Lankan ambassador to Australia. The new “His Excellency “ was the head of the Sri Lankan navy that shelled the Tamil homelands killing thousands of Tamils, prevented thousands of Tamil from escaping, shelled fishing boats with tamil and Muslim fishermen trying to survive, and blocked food and medical supplies and the evacuation of refugees- including the wounded). That’s the Honourable Excellency who has just taken up residence in Canberra. And what has the expat Tamils in Australia done? Buggerall.
Rajapaksa has some very patriotic Tamils, Dr Nadesan being one. He also has a pain in the arse, myself, Dr Brian Senewiratne, who despite Rajapaksa’s prayers, is still alive and kicking. I have been described by the patriotic Sinhalese as a ‘mother-fucking Tamil Tiger bastard”. I am addressing this in an article I am just writing which will be on tamilcanadian etc that this is incorrect. I have never fucked my mother, I am not a Tamil, much less a Tiger, and not a bastard since my parents got married 2 years before I was born.
I note in the CH4 dvd that a patriotic Sinhala soldier refers to a (dead or about to be executed) Tamil Tiger, as a ‘mother-fucker’. The LTTE have done various things, but there is no evidence that they have indulged in this particular activity.
As a Sinhalese, I am alarmed at the deterioration of the language of the Sinhalese. I am also alarmed that if this is what they do to their own mothers, they have a problem and should contact my Secretary for an appointment to see me, medically, I mean, and I will refer then to people who deal with this type of abnormal behavior.
Brian Senewiratne

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  1. Andy Lingam சொல்கிறார்:

    is this call fredom of expression !!!
    ohhh amme this is too much !!!

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