More comments on”Media and the suffering of the Tamil people”

These sentiments could only come from people with a high calibre of wisdom. Here is a man with originality of as they say “Flesh and Blood” commenting on not who is right or wrong. Rather what could be done now to end the division of minds of a sovereign nation? The West could climb Mt. Everest and shout the whole world over. We know our suffering and the suffering of the nation. It is no point pointing fingers to the past we live in the present. It is like squeezing toothpaste out of a tube and trying to put it back. I applaud your comments and views, wonderful coming from the same motherhood.


Very well said. I am a Sinhalese living in Canada. We lived in harmony for centuries with other nationalities. Sinhalese protected other communities when they were harassed.

We protected Tamils during 83 riots, Even after suffering for 30 years of savagery by LTTE, we cared for the LTTE combatants and rehabilitated them, SL Army cared for Prabhakaran’s parents after the LTTE was wiped out. If we are genocidal psychopaths as the LTTE rump is claiming, one can imagine the fate of those in the hands of a victorious army.

Please let Sri Lankans live in their beautiful land in peace. Those who disagree, I ask for one thing. Please visit Sri Lanka, talk to ordinary people in all communities and come to your own conclusion. Don’t be deceived by the entire media circus. We Sri Lankans are poor at showing-off.

Sena M

This is the truth, well written Dr Nadeson. I am a fan of your novel which you wrote to Pahana news paper.

We need real peace in our country, whatever happened in the past, now it’s over ,we need to stand to rebuild the country.


MONDAY, 08 AUGUST  Daily Mirror

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