Appointing UN expert panel will not help bring reconciliation

A considerable section of the Diaspora has expressed reservations that the appointment of the UN expert panel to probe alleged war crimes will, in anyway, benefit the Tamils by bringing reconciliation between the communities in the future.
The coordinator of the Tamil Diaspora for Dialogue (TDD) Dr. Noel Nadesan said he had travelled to a few countries in Europe before he come to Sri Lanka and members of the Tamil Diaspora were of the view that the UN panel was not going to bring any positive outcome to ensure the future well being of the Tamils.
The TDD consists of a group of professionals from Australia, France, Germany, Denmark, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, Canada, Norway and Switzerland. Over the past year the delegation led by Mrs. Rajeswary Balasubramaniam has had many cordial discourses.
As Sri Lanka is democratic country, the UN cannot pinpoint any body personally for any excesses during the war because the whole country would be put back in the dock. What will happen basically is that the Sinhalese would view the development as the ‘accused’ and the Tamils who are already suffering could be at the receiving end as a, Dr. Nadesan asserted.
With the escalation of the war, there was a strong possibility that both sides could have committed excesses, he noted. “With the LTTE no more, it is the victors who would have to pay the consequences”.
Courtesy Sunday Island 26/7/2010

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